The Democratization of Knowledge - Andrea Lagrutta

Andrea Lagrutta developed a model for musea and other presentation platforms for optimizing use of in-house knowledge.

Nominee AHK Eindwerkprijs 2021: Andrea Lagrutta
Studies: Museology (MA), Reinwardt Academy

Graduation project: The Democratization of Knowledge
Medium: research thesis with model for assessment and smart use of knowledge

Andrea Lagrutta, graduated as Master of Museology (MA) at Reinwardt Academy, AHK / Amsterdam University of the Arts.

For her thesis titled The Democratization of Knowledge, Lagrutta did research on the exchange of knowledge within and by an Amsterdam heritage organization during a period of rapid growth. Not only did she systematically map the development of the organization, but also critically analyzed the methods that the organization uses to contribute to the development of knowledge throughout the wider society. She combined her own observations, case studies and interviews with insights from different disciplines. The result is a new firmly substantiated model for knowledge management.

This “eindwerk” or graduation project was one of eleven graduation projects nominated for the AHK Eindwerkprijs 2021, the Graduation Award of the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

On February 10th 2022 AHK / Amsterdam University of the Arts will announce the winners of the AHK Eindwerkprijs 2021: the awards for a master and a bachelor graduation project, and the AHK Graduation Audience Award 2021.

Check for irregular updates, amongst others on voting for the AHK Audience Award on February 10th!

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