The Unspoken Truth - Dion Rosina

Dion Rosina makes paintings based on historical and archival images combined with his personal imagination

Nominee AHK Eindwerkprijs 2021: Dion Rosina
Studies: Fine Art in Education (BA), Breitner Academy

Graduation project: The Unspoken Truth
Medium: Series of paintings

Dion Rosina, graduate in Fine Art in Education (BA) at Breitner Academy, AHK / Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Dion Rosina graduation work is a series of paintings titled "The Unspoken Truth". Rosina paints images of people he feels he has been missing in western image culture since his early childhood: people like himself, people from African descent.

This “eindwerk” or graduation project was one of eleven graduation projects nominated for the AHK Eindwerkprijs 2021, the Graduation Award of the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

On February 10th 2022 AHK / Amsterdam University of the Arts will announce the winners of the AHK Eindwerkprijs 2021: the awards for a master and a bachelor graduation project, and the AHK Graduation Audience Award 2021.

Check for irregular updates, amongst others on voting for the AHK Audience Award on February 10th!

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