Preparing the way for something yet to come
DAS Graduate School alumni group LinkedIn
graduation project (c) Dafne Wiegers
Alumna Dafne Wiegers nominated for ARC18 Young Talent Award
DAS Graduate School
Save the date: THIRD Annual Forum 3rd cycle research
Prize for Takehiro Konoe at ARD Music Competition
Success for Naruhiko Kawaguchi at Chopin Competition
Ernst Meisner appointed as interim artistic director of the Dutch National Ballet Academy and René Vlemmix as business manager
Tim Hennekes wins Outstanding Talent Award
First prize for MAAT Saxophone Quartet in Portugal
What makes an architect?
What makes an architect according to Jan-Richard Kikkert?
Successes for guitarist Tim Beattie
Jazz Department welcomes seven new teachers
Composition Department welcomes three new teachers
HALf6 11 September - Paradijsvertraging awarded André Veltkamp Grant & hand out Top Naeff Prijs
First prize for Ensemble IJ Space at Biagio-Marini Competition
Cameron Shahbazi wins second prize at Cesti Competition
SNDO-alumna Samira Elagoz wins Total Theatre Award at Edinburgh Festival
Bridge over the Bilderdijkgracht to be named after Ritsaert ten Cate
SNDO-student Naomie Pieter nominated for ECHO Award 2018
Tijn Wybenga wins Rogier van Otterloo Award
Lecture Libeskind (c) Gerrit Alink
New 1·Lectures season in collaboration with the Amsterdam Architecture Centre
MSN Lecture (c) Marlise Steeman
Midsummer Night Lecture by Oliver Wainwright
Damiano Pascarelli writes arrangements for Quincy Jones 85th Birthday Celebration Concert
Image: "Gardener" - Chor. Perf. Karol Tyminski. Photo by Bartosz Gorka.
Mark the dates: 4 & 5 September Studio Showings DAS Choreography
CvA well represented at North Sea Jazz Festival
Eliot Lawson appointed principal subject teacher of violin at CvA
Amsterdam Sinfonietta to join forces with Conservatorium van Amsterdam
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Esther Graftdijk wins Van Menschprijs 2018
Ricardo Neto wins audition for Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
Gerda Schunk-Cremers Scholarship awarded to Floris Heeres
Eight CvA cellists to participate in National Cello Competition
Special prize for Takehiro Konoe at viola competition in Japan
Nel van dijk klein
Nel van Dijk new director of Reinwardt Academie
Mirte van Laarhoven wins Delta Challenge
Mirte van Laarhoven has won the final of the NLDelta Challenge
Tom Schipper first composer to win Keep an Eye Filmscore Award
Antony Hermus to join CvA staff as regular guest teacher of orchestral conducting
Tommaso Perazzo wins Massimo Urbani International Jazz Soloist Award
Special prize for Cameron Shahbazi at International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition
Jaume Santonja Espinós appointed Assistant Conductor with City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
Eervolle vermelding Mirte van Laarhoven c Dafne Wiegers
Honorable mention for Mirte van Laarhoven during Archiprix 2018
Ledge (c) Marilu de Bies en Simon Wijrdeman
Honorable mention during Architecture competition "Nemrut Volcano Eyes"
Mo van der Does Quartet winner of Expression of Art Award
Yuri Honing awarded Edison for his album Goldbrun
Bartok - The making of
Eut and Pitou nominated for 'Zilveren Notekraker'
CvA staff and alumni nominated for Edison Jazz/World 2018 awards
Silvia Bottiroli appointed as Artistic Director for master programme DAS Theatre
Michiel van Iersel c Jimmy on the Run
Michiel van Iersel joins Harvard Graduate School of Design
Conference ‘My Music Ability’, how to make music education more inclusive
Mirna Ackers wins first prize at Euro Concours for Flute 2018
Programme and ticket sale DAS Master Presentations 2018 online
Anna Sollewijn and Tadjiro Velzel to participate in Berklee Global Jazz Workshop
Laurens de Man wins Sweelinck-Muller Prize 2018
Operadagen Award 2018 for SNDO-alumnus Lester Arias Vizcuna
Conductor Ryan Bancroft wins Malko Competition
DAS Theatre at Fast Forward Festival Athens
Tim Hennekes winner of 'Sena Performers Gouden Slifje'
AG BANNERS HR 3 900 web
8 May 17:30 HALf 6 - Moving Together: Activism, Art and Education - A week with Angela Davis
AG BANNERS HR 3 900 web
8 May 17:30 HALf 6 - Moving Together: Activism, Art and Education - A week with Angela Davis
Tim Beattie winner of Brussels International Guitar Competition