Publication inaugural address 'Together' by Maike van Stiphout

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In publication 'Together', the inaugural address of Maike van Stiphout, head of the Master’s programme in Landscape Architecture at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, you will encounter examples of Maike van Stiphout’s approach to the field of landscape architecture.

In her career, and as founding director of the bureau DS Landscape Architects, she has sought to find an innovative balance between building for us, as humankind, and ‘nature-­inclusive’ development. The values that she deems essential to her projects are: creating a richer biodiversity, anchoring an area to its environment and history, and an aging process that remains aesthetic.

This publication also reflects on current themes within education, research and design at the Academy. In this way, we hope to offer an up-­to-­date and in-­depth presentation of the ongoing developments in design and research within our community.

The publication can be downloaded here. A printed version is available in the library and at the reception desk.