Altermodern Art Education

Inspired by the Tate Triennial “Altermodern” curated by Nicolas Bourriaud in 2009, Dutch art educator Robert Klatser formulated notions for the needs of today’s art education. Starting from the fact that art education in schools hardly connects with developments in art, nor with the lives of adolescents, nor with global development and interculturality, a research programme has been developed to examine the possibilities of Altermodern Art Education.

In the theoretical part of the research conducted by Talita Groenendijk and Marike Hoekstra the notions of Bourriaud on contemporary art , migration and globalization were connected with relevant developments in art education. The key parameters following from theory were intercultural, process-oriented and student-based.  The empirical study consisted of a design research programme where  seven trained art teachers implemented the central design parameters in 8 week-projects with 14-17 year olds. 

Case studies of the implementations, based on interviews, teacher reflections, observation notes and learner reports, investigate the possibilities of Altermodern Art Education.


Klatser, R. (2010) undefinedFlip & Flap and altermodernity. Art education in an altermodern world. Amsterdam: Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. Lectoraat Kunst- en cultuureducatie