Rianne Makkink

The Academy of Architecture invited Rianne Makkink to carry out research into the changing production landscape and the use of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. Makkink challenged students to immerse themselves in the living landscape and enter into a hands-on relationship with the environment. For her summer workshop, she invited students to her farm on the Northeast Polder to examine the potential for a water purification system and a model for direct compost processing. The students were led by Lonny van Ryswyck and Nadine Sterk from Studio NL. Patricia Ruisch coordinated the project and Marjoleine Gadella produced it. The results of the summer workshop were included in the concluding event of Mapping Flevoland, an initiative of Paviljoens in Almere.
Rianne Makkink also lead projects in which students could develop ideas for innovative cattle sheds, farmyard organisation and landscape planning. Makkink curates this year’s series of Capita Selecta public lectures, with entirely pioneering women creating crossovers between various disciplines within the field of design.

About Rianne Makkink
In 2001 Makkink and her partner Jurgen Bey founded Studio Makkink & Bey, which designs public spaces, architecture, interiors, exhibitions and products. The field of tension between private and the public domains is a central theme running through the work of this Rotterdam-based office with an international reputation. Its work includes designs for the interior of MVRDV’s Balancing Barn in the UK, the province of Utrecht’s commission for an innovative cattle shed design, and the interior of De Kunstmin theatre in Dordrecht, which will be opening in 2014.

Rianne Makkink succeeds Jeanne van Heeswijk, Jeroen Kooijmans, the duo Adriaan Beukers and Ed van Hinte, Erik Kessels, Krisztina de Châtel, Luc Deleu and Paul Shepheard who where also Artist in Residence at the Academy of Architecture.

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'For the benefit of progress', interview with Rianne Makkink by Nik Berkouwer
'This is the place to make it happen', by Hester van Hasselt in ON AIR 5, December 2012


Capita Selecta lecture series 'Women Pioneers' at the Academy of Architecture (2012)