Wireless network

On all locations, the Amsterdam University of the Arts offers a wireless network to students and staff members. You only have to login once to the network AHK using your MyAHK username and password.

Please note that the wireless network only grants you internet access. This means you cannot browse the network folders as a staff members, but you can of course access your email by logging into MyAHK.

To use the wireless network, connect to the (secured) network called AHK (do not use AHK-Wifi). To connect, you need to enter your username and password only once. This will grant you access on all AHK locations.

If you encounter problems setting up the network, please consult the manuals you can download below. Unfortunately these are available in Dutch only at this moment.
Download the manual for Android (PDF)
Download the manual for iOS (PDF)
Download the manual for OSX (PDF)
Download the manual for Ubuntu (PDF)
Download the manual for Windows 7 (PDF)
Download the manual for Windows XP (PDF)
Download the manual for Windows 8 (PDF)

Please note: if you connect to the wireless network of the AHK, you automatically agree with the terms of use of the ICT facilities of the AHK. You can download these below (Dutch only).
Download the terms of use ICT facilities Amsterdam University of the Arts (PDF)

Need more help?
If you still encounter problems using the wireless network, please contact our Helpdesk: helpdesk@ahk.nl. Please mention your username and the location where your connection failed.