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During your stay in Amsterdam you should expect to spend at least €800 per month, but usually a little more, on living expenses. This does not include tuition fees. The costs for living expenses and accommodation can amount to €1,000 a month, and besides you have to bear in mind additional costs for books and study material, health and liability insurance and public transport. If you consider studying in the Netherlands, please make sure your financial position is adequate. For students from a country outside the EEA, this is also the most important condition for obtaining a residence permit. Here you can also find more information about jobs, opening a bank account and health care in the Netherlands.

In general, there are no scholarships available for international students in the Netherlands, with the exception of a few cases of advanced students in their third or fourth year of study. If you are a student from the EU or EEA you can apply for a tuition fee loan.


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