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Profiling Fund

The AHK has a Profiling Fund. This fund provides financial support to students. The fund has two arrangements:  

  • Financial support in the event of a study completion delay
    Have you incurred a study delay due to special circumstances? Then you can receive financial support under certain conditions. Only students who follow a Bachelor's or Master's program can submit an application. The study delay must have been incurred in the period that you were entitled to student grant and loans.

    You can find the application form on MyAHK (only accessible to students).
  • Talent Grant for talented students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA)
    International students with a non-EEA nationality pay a higher, institutional tuition fee. Talented non-EEA students who need additional financial support during their study, can apply for a Talent Grant. This is awarded on basis of their merit, financial situation and on the recommendation of their Academy. A Talent Grant is a partial tuition fee waiver.

For further information, please read the Profiling Fund Regulations (PDF, in Dutch).
Read about study completion delay on the website of the Education Executive Agency (DUO, in Dutch).

Talent Grant

The Talent Grant is aimed at providing financial support to excellent students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland and Suriname who wish to study at the AHK. The AHK Talent Grant will be available for students for the academic year 2023-2024.

Students from non-EEA countries, as defined by the Dutch laws, have to pay the institutional tuition fees, which are not subsidised by the government. These fees are considerably higher. The Talent Grant helps non-EEA students to cover the difference between the lowest institutional tuition fees and the government-subsidised statutory tuition for one study year in the form of reduction of the tuition fee*.

Who is eligible?

  • The student or applicant is a national from a non-EEA country (excluding the countries Suriname and Switzerland that are not eligible for this grant scheme);
  • The student or applicant demonstrates exceptional merit;
  • The student will be living full-time in the Netherlands while studying at the AHK;
  • The student has to pay the non-state funded, and thus higher, institutional tuition fees;
  • The applicant who is not yet enrolled at the AHK, must have passed the entrance exam successfully.

Each application will be assessed on the basis of the student’s potential, as well as their financial situation.

How to apply
Each applicant will need to be assessed by the head of their study programme at the AHK before they can apply for this grant. Please contact the student adviser of your academy to find out whether you meet the criteria of this grant. If you are eligible to apply according to the head of the study programme, you’ll receive an application form from the student adviser or contact person for the Talent Grant. You will need to submit the application before 1 June 2023.

The head of the study programme is entitled to set their own criteria for what is considered ‘exceptional merit’. The director of each academy will make a ranking of the applications; the ranking will be presented to the Executive Board of the AHK for a final decision. The application results will be announced no later than 15 July 2023.

The Talent Grant cannot be granted retrospectively for academic years that the student has already completed.

* AHK has a few different institutional fees rates depending on the study programme. The lowest institution fee rate for 2023-2024 is € 5,615. Please contact the academy’s student adviser for further details.


Submit an application?

Contact your student counsellor