Student discounts

Upon showing your student card you can take advantage of various discounts for students, for example when visiting museums, when purchasing software or at the gym. Many institutions offer discounts to all students, but in addition the AHK has special deals with the institutions mentioned below.

All students of the Amsterdam University of the Arts can visit the Amsterdam Zoo Artis for only €4 instead of €23. For the reduction the following conditions apply:

  • you only receive the discount upon presentation of your student card and proof of enrolment;
  • the discount is not valid on weekends, public holidays and during the school holidays of region North;
  • the discount applies only to students, not to staff;
  • the special entrance tickets cannot be ordered online but can only be purchased at the checkout.

Address: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40.

Students can make use of the collective AHK fitness deals. You can use the facilities of connected fitness chains at discounted rates. The AHK made deals with Fit For Free, Sportcity and Achmea Health Center. You are welcome to play sports at one of their establishments, starting from €13.95 per month. More about sports discounts through AHK.

You also receive a discount at the USC sports centre of the University of Amsterdam. Check the rates (as a student of the AHK you pay the rates from Category II).

At, you will receive a discount on Apple products (max. 10%) as well as on laptops such as Lenovo, HP and  Asus. What if you need a new backpack for your laptop, like studying with 
headphones, or would like to make a sustainable choice when purchasing a smartphone or tablet? If so, head to right away.

You will receive a discount on the following.

  • Microsoft Office: write your thesis in Word and use other popular programs such as Excel or PowerPoint.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: edit image material in Photoshop and create graphic designs in Adobe Illustrator.
  • IBM SPSS: perform statistical analyses on the data obtained from your research.
  • Amberscript: automatically convert your audio and video to text.
  • Antivirus software: protect your online privacy and identity against external threats.