If you are coming from abroad and you want to pay the tuition fees via direct debit, it is important that you have a European (preferably Dutch) bank account. Without a European bank account, you cannot issue authorisation for a direct debit. And without authorisation (or payment of the entire tuition fees before 1 September), your enrolment will not be complete.

Please ensure, therefore, that you have opened a bank account no later than 31 August. Submit the number of your bank account in Studielink by that date. There does not have to be any money on the account at that time. The (first) direct debit collection will take place at the end of September. If you transfer the amount to the AHK yourself in one go, you will not need a Dutch bank account.

Before opening a bank account, you will need to have a citizen service number (burgerservicenummer, BSN). Everyone who registers their address at the city hall will receive a BSN. In some cases a student can open up a bank account without a BSN. Please note that you will have to pass on your BSN to the bank later, so you still need to register at the city hall.

Dutch Banks
ABN-Amro Bank
ASN Bank
DHB Bank
ING Bank
SNS Bank
Triodos Bank