“I am working on a plan to use my graduation project in hospitals, schools and theaters.”
Marleen Hendrickx, Academie of Theatre and Dance – Theatre in Education

I feel honored been asked to join the Art & Society programme and to be able to work with a talented group. This feels like the perfect step right now and as recognition that I am on the right track in developing my talents. If you do the abbreviated training, you are often already active in the work field. But thanks to the study I dare to focus on what I want to do and make and hope to be able to expand that further in the Culture Club.

I am working on a plan to use my graduation project X Y WE - a theater performance with the stories of 6 intersex people - in hospitals, schools and theaters, so that I can bring about concrete changes in the social environment and medical guidance for intersex people. In addition, I want to use the Culture Club to develop more broadly as a maker and hope to lay a foundation to be able to operate as an autonomous maker based on my own vision.

I also hope to get a lot out of the cooperation with the other members. They are working on other, cool projects, with possibilities that Isometimes have never even heard of. It would be great to jointly invent a method that proves successful as a bridge between education and the professional field and with which we can help other alumni.