“I would like combine visual art with other art disciplines”
Shelley Verhoef, Breitner Academy - Fine Art in Education

Rafael van Crimpen of the Breitner Academy called about a multidisciplinary cross-over project for alumni of the AHK. I was immediately enthusiastic and that enthusiasm remained after a conversation with Matthijs ten Berge and Denise Harleman. I was selected and from the first meeting on location, just before the lockdown, we all realized how cool this opportunity is.

We are seen as equals, as professionals and are given so many opportunities to develop and grow. For me this program means a personal growth in my artistry. What steps do I have to take to be able to realize work and get into the outside world. I see a great opportunity to work on an ideal presentation of my graduation work, a combination of visual art, dance and spoken word. And I would like to start a new project in which I combine visual art with (an) other art discipline(s).

I hope that the Culture Club will open doors for me and help me on my way as a starting artist. I also hope to build up a large network and gain knowledge about organizing exhibitions and applying for a subsidy. At the end of this program I think that I am more confident and ready to embark on a new adventure as an artist.