Step 4: payment

You have the choice of four payment options but, in each case, you need to indicate the payment method you’ve chosen:

1. I will pay the tuition fees in a lump sum payment by direct debit;
2. I will pay the tuition fees in ten equal instalments by direct debit;
3. I am paying fees to another institution and will provide the AHK with a Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees (Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld or BBC;
4.  I will transfer the full tuition fee to the AHK bank account before September 1.

You need to submit your authorisation for direct debit or full payment to the AHK before 1 September. If you haven’t made payment arrangements by that date, you will not be enrolled by 1 September and will not be able to study at the AHK.

Important: you need a DigiD and a SEPA bank account
By confirming the digital authorisation, you agree to the terms and conditions relating to direct debit payments and you give the AHK permission to collect the funds from the bank account you have provided.
You need a DigiD (a Digital Identity for Dutch citizens) to pay through direct debit. If a third party is paying your tuition fees on your behalf, they must confirm this by entering their own DigiD. We recommend that you make sure their DigiD is active well in advance, because requesting a new DigiD can take up to five working days. Give yourself plenty of time to make arrangements to pay your tuition fees.

More information about the payment of tuition fees

Step 5: MyAHK account