When you have graduated, you may terminate your enrolment. You must stop your student finance and your student travel product in time yourself. If you graduate in the course of an academic year, excess tuition fees paid will be settled.

Your diploma mentions the awarded degree (bachelor or master). You are only entitled to use this degree, even if the degree of the course will be changed in the future. Before your diploma is issued, the AHK checks whether you have paid all due tuition fees. If you have not paid them in full, you will not be issued with a diploma.

After my graduation
It is of great importance for the academy's of the AHK to keep in touch with former students and to involve them in the education. This guarantees an international network of professionals from which former students and the academy's can derive a lot of benefit. So pass on any changes of address to the student administration of your study programme after graduating.

The website is made for AHK students and graduates. It provides information on the business side of working in the arts sector. You will find all you need to know about running a business, income and tax, subsidies and sponsoring, and legal aspects. Also after graduating you can use this website to your advantage.


Terminate enrolment

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